One Hour Shoot Info

I am a busy person so for convenience sake (mine and yours) I offer a basic one hour photography session for $100. I am flexible so if you are needing more or less customizing a shoot to your needs is easy!


The Money:

Here’s a quick low down on the money side:

  • A one hour shoot cost $100. That charge includes shoot time, editing time, and you will receive a disc with unmarked pictures.
  • In addition to the $100 fee, sales tax will be charged and milage is charged if the location is more than 20 miles from Booker, Texas.

This is probably one of the cheapest, simplest packages you will ever find. Most photographers charge a shoot fee, editing fee, and then you will have to purchase the pictures through them which can really add up. Lizzy’s Photography really wants to simplify the whole ordeal and because we are a small company we can keep our costs low while giving you professional pictures.


Before Shoot:

  • Contact me to set date, time, and location: We’ll figure out the best time for you and me. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
  • Pay deposit: I charge a non-refundable deposit. For example, if you want a $100 session you would owe me a $50 deposit. At the shoot you will need to pay the remaining balance of $50 + tax and any milage charged before the shoot can begin.
  • Do your homework: If you are addicted to Pinterest like I am you probably have a board full of pictures that you really like. Shoot me a link so that I can see what you love. I can’t guarantee that you’ll get every single one but it will help me see what you are hoping for.


During Shoot:

  • Show up a few minutes early: I try to respect my clint’s time and ask that you respect mine as well. If the shoot is scheduled for 5-6 I try to show up to the location at least 5 minutes early. If you show up a couple minutes early as well we can meet, finalize any payments due, and hopefully start the shoot on time. I have to be picky that we end on time because many times I have another shoot or need to get home to my son.
  • Change outfits: Most clients bring 2-3 outfits so that they will have a variety of looks. Keep in mind you may have to change in the back of the car etc. because I am a location photographer. I highly recommend a change of clothes or layer your outfit. If you are needing ideas for outfits feel free to contact me or get on the mighty Pinterest.


After Shoot:

  • Editing away: It’s first come first serve in the photography business. It should not take me any longer than 2 weeks to complete your pictures (excluding weddings). I do  very little editing on my work because I prefer a natural look. I hate making decisions so you will receive some “doubles”. If I find a picture that I love in black and white but love in color you get both. Technically it’s one picture but two different looks.
  • Sneak peaks: Like my Facebook page because I love to show some sneak peaks! Feel free to share my post to your own personal facebook page. I offer deals on my facebook page so you don’t want to miss out on special opportunities!
  • How many pictures: I guarantee at least 30+ pictures but lately my clients have been averaging closer to 50-70. It all depends on how the shoot goes. Also I include almost everything. I think you should get to decide on what your favorites are so I tend give you several versions of the same pose.
  • When and how: I burn all of the high quality, unmarked pictures onto a disc and will mail it to you. If you are local I forgo mailing and just drop it off or let you pick it up. We’ll figure something out!
  • What now? Once you get the pictures I’m all for showing them off on Facebook. I ask that you tag my facebook photography business so that your friends and family will know who took the pictures. I have a no editing policy. I’m trusting you with unmarked pictures and ask that if you have some editing you want done that you contact me. If you edit it yourself it is no longer a true reprensentation of my work. For prints etc. I highly recommend! They offer great quality with some super great deals!


Hopefully I covered everything! Let me know if you have any questions or if I missed something!





We are currently undergoing some updates, please contact us for pricing!